To all valued exhibitors

We noticed that the our fair name “Cosmobeauté Malaysia, Cosmobeauté Vietnam and Cosmobeauté Indonesia” has been used of by an online fair guide, Expo-Guide (owned by Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV in Mexico) which targets & invites our exhibitors to subscribe and sign up for on-line listing order but does not inform the respondents explicitly that their action will bind them to a THREE (3) year advertising contract and annual advertising fee.

Please refer to the images below:

Please exercise due diligence and care when being approached for such invitations so as to avoid possible unwarranted and/or unnecessary financial commitments.

To protect your interests and to avoid potential misunderstanding, we would like to alert our exhibitors that:

Whenever you receive an invitation to supply on-line company with your brochures together with an authorized signature and implies that their service is free in the introductory paragraph, please read the fine print at the end of the invitation carefully before you respond or commit.

We would also like to clarify that our Cosmobeauté Malaysia, Cosmobeauté Vietnam and Cosmobeauté Indonesia’ s Show Update, Show Preview and Show Directory are the only official fair publications and , is the only official website.

Should you have any advertising needs, please contact Ms Sharon Siak at (603) 9771 2688, or email [email protected]. We are more than pleased to assist you in maximizing your exposure at our upcoming events depending on which country is your target market.